Wednesday, October 28, 2009

land titled !!!

29th oct

Well been a while since i put a current post up. anywho......

It had been a while since i spoke to my conveyancer about my land being titled. The last time i spoke to him, he said it would take a couple of weeks. Anyway long story short.....this was the end of september...and my land settled on the 9th of oct, so i thought i would send him an email to see what was happening, which i did on Tues 27th oct. On wednesday morning i recieved an email from him stating the land had been TITLED, and that he had attached a copy of the history search. HAPPY !!

Wednesday evening i thought i would send my builder an email asking about a start date. When i signed for the block they said they would start a couple of weeks after the land had titled. So in excitment for a start date i thought asking cant hurt hehe.

This morning (thurs) i recieved a return phone call from the builder asking for a copy of the title. keep in mind this is my first build.....I asked her if she would have recieved a copy from anyone else?? she stated they wait for the copy from me!!! no one told me, so i was glad that i contacted her straight away. I also asked about the start date, because they have already ordered the stock i thought it wouldnt be too far away. Also because like i said before they would start a couple of weeks after because they wanted something started before christmas. When i asked her about this, she said they would have never of said that because they wouldnt know a start date until my title had come back complete.I asked how long the estimator would take. She said they are only in on Tuesdays, and that i would have to wait till next week then it will be a couple of weeks from there, then the site supervisor should contact me. Confused i said thankyou i will send you what you need....bye bye.

About half an hour later i got an email from her saying she spoke to the estimator and that everything is was ok to go ahead, also that i should wait a couple of weeks till i hear from a site supervisr. After everything i am now happy to count down the time until a start date......hopefully shorter than 2 weeks....who knows hehe!!!! cross all fingers.

I guess now i have two weeks to go slash the block because i assure you i may have some pet snakes by now haha. Went there on my birthday (the 7th of oct) and it was pretty high, i think from memory my children got lost in the could see them they thought it was FUN.

sorry for the long post today.

TaTa for now

Oh yes i will add some photos today hopefully! i have time to work out how to do it. (my secret shhh)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Went shopping

Went shopping yesterday (thurs) and did alot of spending. I bought both my daughters curtains for their bedrooms today....disney cinderella for both girls, with the matching disney cinderella shears. I thought these curtains would last longer than buying the "fad" design like dora. So ive decided on a fairy theme for both, inspiration"fairy god" mother. I brought myself a Kelly Lane design quilt cover, frangipani! ill post a pic when i ge it off layby, i also bought the matching yjrow pillow.

Then last night i brought, a kitchen table, a much needed bedroom suit for me, chest of draws and 2 side tables each for the girls OH and a beautiful matress for the bed. All get delivered to my storage shed in 2 weeks Whohoo. I have lost f spending to do in the coming moths furnishing my house but last night cleaned me out until i save some more pennines hehe

settlement on block

On wednesday morning i contacted the homeloan centre to where things go from here !! but no answer. I know theres only two sales consultants and mine has gone on holidays, so i wasnt suprised when there was no answer because it was the 30th of the month so he would have been busy. Anywho i thought i might ring their other brach instead , which happens to be their head office, just to see whether they had recieved my mortgage papers because i sent the the day before to this branch. I was put through to a lovely lady who was lovely and easy to talk to, after many laughs about clearly things off topic she told "music to my ears" info. That they had recieved all my documents this morning and to let my conveyancer know that everything is ready to settle on the land and so-forth whenn they are ready. I forgot to mention my vendors have been overly accommodating, granted an extension on an already long settlent (4mnths) for another 6 weeks, then needed another one when this extension ran out on 14th os sep. This time they didnt even ask for an addendum, just wished me luc and for them to be kept updated from time to time, all this without even charging me extra.

After hanging up from ****** I rang my conveyancer whom id highly recommend MUNRO CONVEYANCING (adelaide) whom wasnt in and i left a message. I finally got a call this morning from A***** stating he had booked settlement for fri 9th of oct, 2 days after my birthday :-) and the i need to "drain my bank account" haha for the rest of the deposit owing before they could settle, so end of this week. So im off today to hand over my money, going to catch the train into the city, so wish me luck.

regards jess

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

meet jesse

Dear reader,
Dear reader,

My name is Jesse, im a mother to two beatiful young daughters DD1 (4) DD2 (5) , my English Staffy Rex and im a first time builder. Recently I have become the proud owner of a beautiful block in Milang Bay, far south of Adelaide; Milang is a quiet little town nestled on the banks of Lake Alexandrina. My future home is being built through Sarah Homes, the HEYSEN4e and i would have to confirm my experience with them so far as long and tedious but very helpful.